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Crochet Lace for Shawls - Saturday 18 November 2017

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-Reading written patterns and crochet diagrams

-Identifying your stitches and reading your work

-Improving your project with advanced techniques: foundation stitches, chainless stitches, standing stitches

-Common stitches/techniques: picots, clusters (into the same or various stitches), working into the chain-space


Crocheted lace is much simpler than it looks. Learn how to read both your pattern and your stitches to create intricate-looking lace for a wide variety of project types. Class will cover common techniques used in crocheted lace, such as working into the chain-space and making cluster stitches, as well as more advanced techniques for improving your project. Suitable for anyone with basic crochet skills (ch, sc, dc).


Please bring:

-Smooth (not fuzzy), light-coloured 8ply yarn

-4.5mm or 5mm hook

-Stitch markers suitable for crochet (split or locking)

-Writing implement for note-taking

-Optional: copy of a lace pattern you would like to make