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advance sign-up just for our VIPs - and yes, you can use your discount on this!


Becoming a HRYC VIP will cost you the small sum of $45

it will gain you:

  • 12 months of 10% off every purchase in store or online (some exceptions, such as indie shelf yarns and vouchers, will apply)
  • First dibs on every shipment of special yarn and new stock (yep, that's Madeline Tosh!)* 
  • Regular advance updates on what's happening in-store*
  • Priority dyeing on any Knitsch Yarn - so if you're after a colour it will be bumped to the top of my dye list
  • Two special shopping events during the year with extra treats - the first on Saturday 6 May

* via a special VIP Facebook group

There's a strictly limited number of VIP spots available - after the wonderful success of our first VIP round, we've decided to share the love again! The funds will go towards some shop upgrades and stock from brand new (and very exciting) suppliers.

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