Yarn Couch VIP - help us buy new couches!

March 29, 2016

Sign up here from 9am Monday 4 April!

With things shifting and changing over the last wee while, it's come to our attention that we need a better shop couch set up. Our current one is huge and comfy, but the hugeness has become a bit of an issue. We need to rearrange the shop in order to get all the new stuff to fit, and that means new couches.

There's one problem though: we spend every spare cent of our turnover on yarn. When it comes to making a choice about spending money, yarn will always win out. It's what we're here for, it's what we love, and it's what we want to share with you. 

So we're doing something a bit different: inviting you to join our Yarn Couch VIP club. 

What on earth is that?

Yarn Couch VIP will cost you the small sum of $35

it will gain you:

  • 12 months of 10% off every purchase in store or online (some exceptions, such as indie shelf yarns and vouchers, will apply)
  • First dibs on every shipment of special yarn and new stock (yep, that's Madeline Tosh!)*
  • Sneak previews of Indie Shelf yarns* 
  • Priority dyeing on any Knitsch Sock - so if you're after a colour it will be bumped to the top of my dye list
  • Two special shopping nights during the year with extra treats
  • Your name on the couch! Yep, we'll embroider your name on the couch to say thanks for being the excellent supportive person you are.

* via a special VIP email list

There's a strictly limited number of VIP spots available - just enough to allow us to buy two new couches that better suit the space we're in. 

All proceeds from the club will go directly to buying a couple new couches for you to enjoy! If we have any spare cash it'll go on other homey touches to make the space more comfy. 

Sign up here from 9am Monday 4 April! 

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