New shop update - so close!

January 15, 2014

As I write this, there are precisely 5 days, 19 hours and 38 minutes until the new shop opens. 
Above, i'm sitting on the floor of the empty shop, wondering where on earth to start!
It's been a frantic week, ordering stock, cleaning carpet, sanding doorways, dyeing yarn, organising all the annoying things that are crucial to a shop being able to operate. You know, eftpos, power, internet, phone...
I have managed to sit, knit and breathe though. I'm so excited for this new space, and for it means for knitters (and crocheters and spinners and weavers). The first new yarn line that we'll be carrying is The Fibre Company's Road to China Light, and i'm very hopeful it will arrive before Friday so that it can be on the shelves in time for Tuesday's opening. 
You probably want the details, right? 

Holland Road Yarn Co (the second)

Upstairs, Grand Arcade, 16 Willis St

Open 10am, Tuesday 21 January


There's a good chance we won't have eftpos up and running, because our phone won't be connected (sigh). BUT we will be able to take credit & debit card payments via our online system and there is an ATM downstairs. So we will manage until it is sorted for us on Wednesday.

I better get back to the mega list. And getting excited. 5 days!!


Ms T

Ms T said:

And so conveniently located near the library! I have to admit I’ve already crept upstairs to scope out the location. :)

Looking forward to it. (If I’m not there next week it’s because we’re trying to wrestle another volume into submission before it has to go to the printers.)


kathsprout said:

Because I am nosy, I went and had a peak today on my way to work. It is a lovely big space! How cool.


Charlotte said:

Less than 5 minutes from work – yay!!!! Good luck! :)


Shona said:

So excited about your new store. Cant wait.


Zoe said:

Soo looking forward to the opening, my lunchtimes will now have purpose!


Hannah said:

Can’t wait for the new shop! So handy :-)


Bex said:

Am SO excited about the new store!
And its only five minutes from work so I can go during my lunch break without husband/children/dog waiting outside impatiently! See you Tuesday!


sabe said:

i’m sad i’ll miss the opening, but i’m really excited for the new store opening! congrats in advance!


Lisa said:

Yaayyy! So excited. My lunchtimes are going to become much more awesome. Good times ahoy! X


Sara said:

I went to have a look at shop yesterday, and there were newspapers over the windows!

Emma Thornbury

Emma Thornbury said:

So excited for you! I will have to pop in to have a nosey at lunch one day. All the best for the madness xx

The Sewphist

The Sewphist said:

I am so excited for you in this new adventure! I’ll do my best on Tuesday to pop in and see the new shop (I may have already walked past for a nosey…).


Lindy said:

A reason to go to work on Tuesday.


Kate said:

Very exciting! Will there be special opening hours on Tuesday? If I can’t make it there at lunch I am hoping to get there after work :-D.


Julia said:

So wonderful to see your yarn empire growing Tash! And is this where we’re meant to comment too in the hopes of winning tickets to the Lights Up screening? xx

Ali G

Ali G said:

I am very excited about your new store Tash! I’ll definitely be ale to pop in more often and be tempted by all the goodies in store!!


Melsey said:

So exciting! Hopefully I will be able to make it :)


SandyB said:

Best Wishes for the opening! I hope the day is full of awesomeness!!!!

Marjorie Dawson

Marjorie Dawson said:

Good luck and may the best enabler of our yarn addiction thrive and grow!


Lyallp said:

Well, the stars certainly aligned for me today: Soon-to-be grandpa, finding that old knitting skills are like bike-riding (you never forget), a lunchtime too rainy for me to reach the library, a random wander through an unexplored corner of town, and bam! – there’s Holland Road Yarn Co on opening day! Congratulations on your new venture- I’ll be back soon for some of your finest 4-ply.


Jennifer said:

Looking forward to seeing the new store!! It’s much closer to me so I shall be visiting often :)


Angela said:

Tash! Your shoes, I love! Where did you get them?


flajol said:

My half-day trips to Welly might now be full day-trips to Welly! Excited for my next visit to the city. I went in just before Christmas and saw the shop name listed on the arcade guide at the entrance – dragged the inlaws all the way through before realising you weren’t open yet!

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