Road to China Light - pattern ideas

February 05, 2014

Hello! It has been a while...this two-shops thing has reduced my blogging mojo to about nothing, so i'm going to ease back into it with a few pattern ideas for our brand new yarn: The Fibre Co's Road to China Light. An incredible soft yarn in jewel colours, it's a true treat of fibre mix - baby alpaca, silk, camel and cashmere.



It's been selling like hot cakes and i'm trying to figure out what small yet delectable item to knit out of it. Road to China Light is one of those yarns that should be next to your skin. Something to pull up over your nose on chilly days, or fingerless mitts to pull on at work when it's so cold your hands protest at having to type on the keyboard.


Those days still seem far off in the distance in the middle of NZ summer, but i'm one for forward planning and I really can't wait for a chill edge on the air again.


Fallberry Mitts by Anne Hanson (free!)


Basalt by Antonia Shankland


Carina by Courtney Kelley


Happy knitting! And hopefully more blogging from now on!



Jenny Rafferty

Jenny Rafferty said:

Havent managed to get down to the new shop yet except on a Monday when I just had to squash my nose against the window (sorry for any nose streaks!). Love those patterns and also the Amstel Hat by Courtney Kelly

Lynne Wilcox

Lynne Wilcox said:

How about Marin by Ysolda Teague in the Road To China Light?

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