Learn to knit with us!

April 28, 2014

After two very short work weeks, we are now well and truly faced with the chilly days of winter. This year, knitting is really coming to the fore - stories abound of knitwear in fashion, the arm knitting craze, how knitting is good for mental health. 

I managed to get away for a much needed break over the Easter and ANZAC weekends, to recharge the batteries and think about where to next for the shop. I never usually read the paper, but I cast my eye over the Sunday Star Times on Easter Sunday. To read the following in the Sunday magazine fashion section:


Stuff like this makes me incredibly grumpy. It certainly isn't only 'Nanas' who knit, and you can absolutely knit very fine gauge garments by hand. This is what we're about - teaching people about the new generation of knitting and knitters, demonstrating what a therapeutic and productive outlet handcrafts can be in a modern, fast-paced world. 

And it's about time we got ourselves organised with some classes, so here we are: the first class in our Winter season, is for beginner knitters. 



Don't burden your grandmother with knitting for you: she has worked hard all her life. Buy her some nice yarn to knit something for herself with; learn how to knit your own beautiful garments. It's rewarding, it connects you with a new community of interesting people, and honestly most of our regular knitters are well below retirement age. Learn how to knit that super bulky scarf you're lusting after at a fraction the price and 150% the enjoyment. 


Learn to knit with us!

The class will cover casting on, knit, purl, and casting off. Plus anything in between that might intrigue a new knitter. We will provide needles and yarn to get you started, and then we can discuss what you might need to get going on a first project. 


Date: Saturday 10 May

1pm - 3.30pm

Holland Road Yarn Company, Upstairs, Grand Arcade, 16 Willis Street


$20 for the session including yarn & needles to get you started. Oh, and tea and coffee and cake!

Bookings can be made online or in-store. Cancellations up to a week in advance will receive a full refund, less than a week 50% refund, cancellations on the day will receive no refund, sorry!

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