Something warm and simple.

July 17, 2014

A very chilly few days here in Wellington have us all wrapped up super warm, and there's more to come. I'm so pleased to finally have some real winter - I love this weather. I've noticed my cardigans aren't quite cutting it, and instead i'm reaching for my jerseys / pullovers / sweaters / jumpers / whatever word you choose. Which of course means discovering my wardrobe is sadly lacking in them. Ravelry to the rescue!

I've always loved Jared Flood's Brownstone sweater, and i've got a real fondness for a good shawl collar. Knit up as nice and slouchy, I think it would work well for women as well as men. 



Jane Richmond's Ladies Classic Raglan Pullover is one I came across today with a customer who was after a perfectly straight-forward crew neck jersey to knit up in Malabrigo Rios (which is now back in stock, hooray!). I've spoken a lot before about how a simple design is sometimes all you need - and something like this is perfect for hand-dyed yarns such as Malabrigo so that it really shows off the gorgeous colour.



Elia by Julia Trice caught me by the shawl collar again - I love the closeness of it, just what one wants when it's really chilly but a scarf isn't appropriate. I think if I made this for myself i'd skip the cables on the front and only do them on the back, to really make it all about that collar. 


Lastly, Jen brought this stunner to my attention. Slouchy, comfy, warm, but with an interesting shape and gorgeous texture. Beauborg by Julie Hoover is made up with 10ply and looks about the most comfortable sweater imaginable. 



Now that we have fresh Malabrigo stock on the shelf, there's plenty of squishy 10ply in stock perfect for any of these patterns. We've also just received a brand new 8ply rare breed merino by the name of Silver Lining (which i'll post about later). It would be heavy enough for any of these patterns, too. Having said that, i'm going to do a Cascade order early next week, so if you have any special requests, do let me know. Stay warm!

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