Knitting socks: a little bit of therapy

October 21, 2014

Sometimes, one simply needs to knit socks. You get to hunt out the most beautiful sock yarn in your stash, and browse for the perfect pattern. This is what I did last night. Bored of my lace weight cardi project, I wanted to knit some sunshine. And something toe-up, because this year was meant to be about challenging my habits and doing new things. Usually for socks i'll opt for cuff-down as it means less thinking, but here's a few ideas for toe-up socks that are straight-forward but still worthy of that special sock yarn:


 Reasons to be cheerful by Rachel Atkinson



Little Minx by Karen Scott - free! (And the pattern i've cast on) 



Little cable knee highs by Purl Soho (also free!) 


Two knitting truths: sock yarn doesn't count as stash, and there is no such thing as too many pairs of hand knit socks. Which I often forget and get all caught up in knitting yet another garment. It's the little things that are just as important. So i'm going to treat my feet a bit more from now on. 

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