Pattern ideas: Knits for Kids

November 05, 2014

Surrounded by people having babies? Same!


Fancy knitting something resembling instant gratification? Same!


Never quite get things done in time to gift when the baby is still small? Same!

Need some inspiration? Here's some bigger-than-baby-size patterns:


Children's Cardigan Eivor is cuteness in a cardigan. Using 4ply yarn and a sweet mix of cables, lace and plain panels. 


Chickadee by Ysolda is an adorable mini version of her adult's Chickadee cardi pattern. 



Plain Cardigan by Anna and Heidi Pickles will knit up in snap thanks to using 8ply yarn.


Although I think this cardigan needs to be cast on immediately:

Where the Wild Sheep Roam by Pinneguri


As per usual, so many things to knit, not enough time. At least knits for kids are small are therefore faster. Or that's the idea. The trouble is not being distracted by other projects...

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