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November 18, 2014

Amidst the busy-ness of the end of year, Knitsch Yarns is now officially on sabbatical. (don't fret if you are one of the two or three people waiting on yarn, it will happen in my one last dye day that is lined up). If you want to nab any of the last few skeins, you have two options: pop by the Petone store (there is a handful of sock and worsted on the shelves). Or, enter a competition!


Some of these colours may or may not be in the prize pack. It's a mystery!


There's a slowly growing pile of Knitsch that needs a new home - some beautiful seconds, some original skeins from right back when I first started dyeing. A real spectrum of the five years that has been the Knitsch journey so far. They are all being added to a paper bag, a bag that may end up with you. 


How to enter? Just comment on this post! That's it. Make sure you do so by 5pm Monday 24 November, and i'll draw a winner on Tuesday morning. 


I want to say thank you for all the Knitsch love - it really means a lot. And I want to emphasise that this certainly isn't the end of Knitsch - oh no! I'm already thinking about what new yarn bases I might like to add to the range, how to change our processes and how to better keep up with demand when Knitsch returns late next year. I will also be selling Knitsch Sock at Unwind in March, and Knit August Nights in August. So you won't have to go entirely without. 

xx Tash



Isabel said:

Enjoy your sabbatical – and I can’t wait to see you come back with all new inspiration! Enjoy x


Alison said:

Enjoy the break from dying, I’m glad I grabbed some Knitsch to keep me going when I was in store the other day :-)


Jess said:

congrats on the sabbatical! Would love some more knitsch so I have something bright at the end of this grey jumper tunnel. :)


Melsey said:

its going to be a tough year with limited knitsch supples but it may mean that I will have to knit with some of the amzing skeins I already have in stash!! (small plus side) Go you Tash!


Ingrid said:

Yarn is always welcome to come and live at my house! ;)


Gem said:

Hope the sabbatical includes research that involves travel! :)


Penny said:

Eep! Nothing left in town? Happy experimenting, Tash.


Paula said:

Enjoy your break :D Look forward to seeing what you come back with on your return! :)


Nicola said:

I’m glad I stocked up a few months ago! Enjoy the break.

Leanne Munro

Leanne Munro said:

I love competitions, almost as much as I love Knitsch! I’m looking forward to seeing the results of your sabbatical and excited about Unwind – see you there :-)


Amy said:

Cheerio for a bit Knitsch, will be glad to see you back :D

Really,really hope I did my calculations right and I have enough for the planned sweater…


Janice said:

Pretty, pretty! Enjoy your break.


Marilyn said:

Enjoy your dyeing sabbatical and let the creative juices flow!. I’m glad i’ve got a reasonable knitsch stash. :-)


Kelly said:

Enjoy the sabbatical. I’m sure you’ll be back fresher than ever!


gidgetknits said:

You know Knitsch is catnip to me – but I can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with after your sabbatical! So all worth the wait and I’ll just save up in the meantime. :)


Jean said:

I would love a paper bag of Knitsch yarn! Enjoy your sabbatical.


Jackie said:

Make the most of your time


Mara said:

Enjoy the year “off” and what a great motivation to make certain I get myself to Unwind and/or KAN next year if ever there was one!


Jackie said:

Make the most of your time away from the dye pots.


Michelle said:

Sabbatical fun times ahead! Looking forward to all the new things you focus on while you take your break from dye! <3


Rose said:

Have a lovely break! I can’t wait to see what you come up with next year!


Tamar said:

Enjoy the break! Have a wonderful time on sabbatical.


Becky said:

ooh please select my entry :-) hehe I do know its random! fingers crossed.
I sent my Mum into your store when she visited Wellington and she called me a million times to find out what I liked and never mentioned her visit again. Here’s hoping she bought my Christmas present from you!


Susan said:

Enjoy your sabbatical which should include (amongst other things) rest, travel,and being stimulated.

Rachel Rayner

Rachel Rayner said:

Love all the pretty colours! I’d love to add to my Knitsch stash, and hope you have a wonderful relaxing sabbatical planned :)

Amy V

Amy V said:

That yarn-rainbow is AMAZING. Happy sabbatical!


Jemma said:

enjoy your sabbatical. Two of my WIPs are Knitsch. I hope they’re well and truly off the needles by the time your sabbatical ends.

Chris H

Chris H said:

Can never have too much quality yarn and the Knitsch colours are so fabulous. Hope your Sabbatical is enormously refreshing and inspirational.


Julia said:

Hope you have a fantastic sabbatical, get lots of time to yourself to daydream and plot exciting things – and actually get to do at least some of those exciting things! We’ll look forward to getting little peeks into your creative process if and when you’re ready to share something – and in the meantime we’ll just empty the two stores of all the other yarns you stock!


Megan said:

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with! I can’t wait to be living in Wellington again next year so that HRYC can be a regular part of my life, yaaaaay!


Karin said:

Delicious colours. Enjoy your break.


Feeble said:

As a newbie to knitting this last 6 months – I am really enjoying knitting up the Silver Linings and Mad Blood Stirreth that I have got. Enjoy your year off, I’m just sad I didn’t find you sooner!! Happy Sabbatical :-)

Sam said:

My physio would be cross I am posting a comment here in the vain attempt to win some yarn….have been advised to consider easing up on the knitting for now. Am considering his advice. Am still allowed to look at delicious yarny things, surely? Will assist in my recovery!


Amy said:

oooo pretty colours!! Have just started knitting socks so this would be great to further my sock knitting experience!!!


Anne said:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Knitsch yarns are colours
Of EVERY hue :-)


Charlie said:

I love the vibrancy of your colourways… and I was really chuffed that my suggested colours that becames Odelay has been so popular :) Have a great break


Rachel said:

I hope you enjoy your break from dyeing :)

Karin Duncan

Karin Duncan said:

All the colours are awesome. Enjoy your time away from dyeing!


MIchelle said:

Hayooooo sabbatical. Enjoy x


Doris said:

Look at all the love! Hopefully the sabbatical will give us a chance to burn through the stash and give the bank account a rest in time for your return :)


Laura said:

Cant wait to see what you come up with!
The colours are pretty would love to add it to my beekeepers quilt!


Adele said:

I guarantee that you’ll be waking up at 4am from vibrant yarn dreams. And when you return to Knitsch, I bet your ideas journal will be bursting with swatches and samples, scribbles and puddles of colour. Have a brilliant sabbatical Tash! (And yes please, I could find a home for some skeins too).


Lizzie said:

This has been a favourite of mine since I discovered the shop 2 years ago when we moved here. ☺


Jacqui said:

Knitsch makes the best socks to give to folk who a machinewash everything!


Gabriella said:

Tash I really admire you for doing what is right for you and your business and I hope the sabbatical gives you the space and time you are want to do even more wonderful things. All the best x


Alex said:

I really enjoyed knitting with your yarn and cannot wait to see what you come up with next! In the meanwhile, have a lovely break :)


Tim said:

Currently onto row 15 of my bowtie made with Knitsch. Again. I will defeat/complete this!

Chris Miller

Chris Miller said:

The odds are not in my favour, but it’s slightly more likely than being able to afford to buy any any time soon


Jodi said:

Tash, I hope you have a lovely and refreshing break. In the meantime, I could really use some Knitsch to stash in case the zombie apocalypse happens while you’re out.


Vicky said:

Enjoy your sabbatical Tash


Darryl said:

Enjoy your time off from the pressures and come back reinvigorated and energised.


Casey said:

love this yarn, currently knitting a lace shrug out of one of the jewel thief lovelies. Defo could do with some more :)


ebbyanne said:

O Knitsch, I shall miss you much and will be waiting with bated breath for you grand return. ;)


Hannah said:

Be still my heart, a Knitsch rainbow!! The mister has asked if my rainbow blankie project is a double and this would make it happen :-)

Susanne Schrader

Susanne Schrader said:

Stunning Knitsch – always a beautiful rainbow of yarny love! We will miss you but how joyous for us will be your return!

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