Knitted Christmas: bits and pieces

December 05, 2014

It's Friday evening, i'm sitting on the couch thinking about putting up the Christmas tree. By way of procrastinating, I thought i'd take a quick look at Ravelry....


Balls Up! by General Hogbuffer - a free pattern with heaps of designs to choose from.


 Knitted pocket gnome by Jenny Propst (also a free pattern, hooray!)


Stjarna by Karolina Eckerdal (and yes, it's a free pattern!)


and it's not Christmas-y, but this cowl is so amazing, it's making my hands itchy. Alas I can't cast anything else on until i've finished the sleeves of my Hart cardigan. Into the queue it goes instead. Christmas holiday knitting, perhaps?

Sanquhar Cowl by Wendy D Johnson 


If you do need some time out, or some time to get knitting done, feel free to come by the Petone shop on Saturday and hang out with us. I'll be furiously working the aforementioned sleeves, so will welcome any distractions in the form of helping you with your projects!


x Tash

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