Summary of 2015 Blanket CAL patterns

June 23, 2015

Although links to each month's patterns are still available in the Ravelry forum, the older ones can take awhile to find. Here is a handy list of the CAL patterns to date:

(To see participant versions of these squares, check out our Facebook album)


February (patterns using only basic stitches)


March (patterns include back loop only and/or cluster stitches)


April (patterns include post stitches)


May (more patterns with post stitches or with slightly complicated/unusual constructions)


Bonus square (pattern includes spike stitches; original pattern in French):


June (patterns include crochet diagrams)

July (patterns include stitches worked multiple rounds below) 

August (patterns include spike stitches and picots)

September (patterns include puff stitches and more advanced construction)

October (patterns may involve more complicated color work)

November (generally advanced patterns or patterns that were published mid-year and didn't fit anywhere else)

This last option is a bit of a challenge. The pattern is no longer available, but between the notes on Kate33wlu's project page & the other project photos you could still make it:

*has a photo tutorial

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