New Arrivals: Quince & Co

June 16, 2015

Ok, so it may not be super new, but I still want to share some amazing colour combos with you. Whenever new yarn turns up, I spend ages putting colours next to each other. Quince & Co lends itself beautifully to colour work and stripes, and i'm daydreaming of a fair isle jersey knit with as many colours as possible against a neutral background.


Chickadee in Egret, Iceland and Bird's Egg


Chickadee in Gingerbread (top) and Pea Coat

Chickadee in Snap Pea (top), Parsley and Cypress


Quince & Co Owl in Amethyst (top), Cielo and Cilantro

Quince & Co Piper in Sweetwater (left), Rock Springs and Guadelupe


Here's some pattern thoughts for you:

Anna by Pam Allen (Adult garment, Piper)

Lus by Mer Stevens (Adult garment, Piper)

Ella Funt by Pamela Wynne (Kid garment, Chickadee)

I heart you by Mandy Powers (Kid garment, Chickadee)

Foxy Sweater by Natalia Moreva (Adult garment, Chickadee)

Willard Fair Isle pullover by Hannah Fettig (Adult garment, Owl)

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