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July 23, 2015

It's that time of year where I sit down to organise the tote bag design for Knit August Nights. This year, both Colleen and I are completely stuck for knitting puns. So we're throwing it out to you, excellent yarn lovers!

We've had Knit Me Baby One More Line


This is what a knitter looks like

But we need something fresh, funny and yarn related. 

So, give us your best puns! Entries close 5pm Thursday 30 July and the best pun will win a $50 Holland Road Yarn Co voucher and a tote bag with the new design on it! Hooray!



Rachelle Crosbie

Rachelle Crosbie said:

I cast purls before (s)wine

Janine Boon

Janine Boon said:

How about…. ‘Knit Fast, Dye Yarn!’

or…. ‘All this knitting is getting under my skein’

‘Aran Mondays the Worsted?’

‘Get Knotted’

‘Gosh darn it!’

‘Knitting Pretty!’


Robin said:

What Wool I knit today?

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