The book of grey

February 15, 2011

Well, gray actually but I can't being myself to call it that!

I have this terrible habit of always opting for grey when it comes to knitted garments. One of the reasons socks struck a chord - any colour goes as socks don't really have to match the rest of an outfit.

Anyway, the book of grey is full of wonderful and inspiring patterns - think i'll knit a few. In grey, of course. And if you're in NZ, our exchange rate is rather good against the euro right now, so it's even better value! Yay!

rrrrraaaaaaaaahhhhhhImage from the Book of Gray



Celeritas2 said:

Oh my! I love grey and oh I am so tempted. I love those patterns. I’m knitting my first sweater at the moment and guess what, its grey. I do like the patterns in this book but I’ll resist temptation until I know my knitting abilities are up to scratch.


Matt said:

I LOVE grey too Tash! More depth than white, less exclusive than black, the grey scale is my natural home :) Grey to me says “neither nor, but also both”, love it!

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