un-white walls

March 08, 2011

Sitting on the couch knitting has been a great way to reassess the layout of the shop. In the past few days i've looked up, spotted something to change, and leapt to do it straight away.

One thing i'm very glad of is that the walls aren't white. Seeing as the landlord painted the interior for me, the paint had to be Taubmans. Not knowing their colours, out came the Your Home and Garden mags for a bit of a browse and some inspiration. One issue had a great lounge with similar style furniture featured - and what a stroke luck that the colour of the walls was Taubmans 'Kid Leather'. A lovely beige-y neutral with enough warmth to make the shop feel like home, but allowing the colours of the yarn to shine.

om nom nom yarn cakes

Delicious, no?

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