Making the knit ok

March 23, 2011

When I first heard about the Glassons Knit for Christchurch campaign, I was pretty skeptical. My main concern was that it would result in lots of awful, acrylic scarves, with average knitting abilities displayed. A great cause, but every chance of becoming a showcase for non-knitters to be put of hand knit items all over again.

Which is why i've decided to support the cause. A skein of red and one of black Cascade 220 bought together with the mention of Glassons and/or Christchurch will get them for only $25 - the price House of G is reselling the scarves for. That's $5 bucks spare you can use to grab a coffee!

PS if you buy them online, flick me an email when you are done and i'll refund the $5 if paying by paypal, or give you a new total if paying by direct debit. WIN.

PPS I don't understand why males knitting equates to 'showing a sensitive side'. In fact, I could get quite angry about it. But I won't. Ahem.

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