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I'm not a garment knitter

Posted on March 29, 2011 by Tash | 1 comment

but... there are way too many amazing cardigan and sweater patterns out there now.

While i'm still knitting the sample Melia for when Ysolda's new book arrives, and I do love it - I can't help but wistfully think of all the yet unknitted projects in my wardrobe of the future.

Such as, a Vine Yoke cardigan (from Ysolda, of course)

And a Folded, that Susan put me onto over the weekend

Or what about a Manu?

Which will need to wait until I get in the Cascade Superwash Sport, but still. Isn't it gorgeous?

The there is the Hooray Cardigan, Claire Bennet and all the other sock, scarf and hat patterns I want to knit. How does a knitter do it all? There is only a certain amount of knitting time in a day...

How about a challenge? I'm going to commit to knitting each of these patterns pictured by the end of winter. For me. They might hang out in the shop, but the main aim will be to end up in my wardrobe. I'll keep you updated - and hound me if I don't!

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  • Hannah

    go you!!!!!!!!! i have a million adult garments i want to knit for myself too, but the little people always seem to come first! lol


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