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Sock knitting class

Posted on May 31, 2011 by Tash | 2 comments

Have you always wanted to knit socks? Felt a little overwhelmed by the challenge? Had too many people tell you they are hard to knit?

Well, phoooey I say.

Along with Belinda of Blendy Knits Socks, Tash is going to be teaching the sock knitting basics at Handmade 2011 this weekend. We'll be covering how a sock is structured, and will break it into easy parts.

Honestly - knit just one sock and we'll guarantee you'll be hooked. There is no treat quite like putting on a pair of hand knit socks. They are cosy, excellent temperature controllers and addictive to knit.

Join us! Go on, you know you want to!

You can book online - and don't worry if you aren't of the credit card type - you can also pay by direct credit. Hooray!

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  • kreachr

    Unfortunately the sock class is a little too far away for me (plus I’ve already knit many pairs and am completely and utterly hooked), but I’d love to know where you got those sock blockers!!

  • Natarsha

    i wish we could have something like that where i live …would so go to things like this.


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