Happy solstice!

June 22, 2011

Being the official longest shortest day of the year, we're celebrating by putting on our warmest woollies and snuggling up with a glass of red, a good movie and some knitting.

Tash is getting excited about heading off for Knit Nation in a few weeks - and the chance to meet a whole lot of incredible designers and play with yarn for 3 days straight!

We're also plotting some really exciting window displays - so if you are local, make sure you keep an eye out. Or, better yet, pop in and say hi. We've got new stuff arriving all the time, with some wonderful new patterns on the way from the States, our biggest ever order from Knit Pro about to be dispatched and an exciting new yarn brand that is top class.

Our yarn bombing adventure on the streets of Petone last weekend got a wee bit of attention...

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="360" caption="image by Simon Edwards at the Hutt News"]thanks to the Simon Edwards[/caption]

Click the image to see the story!

Now, what have you been busy knitting in the recent chilly weather? Hm? Do share!



celeritas2 said:

What no knit shawl/scarf, shame on you! Good on you for representing, wish I could have been there.

Shona McNeil

Shona McNeil said:

Hi Tash check out my youtube page where I’ve posted the interview I did with you re Grafitti knitting. Feel free to add it to your page.

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