Little red!

July 18, 2011

Finally, Ysolda Teague's new book Little Red in the City has arrived!

We've been waiting on this for ages, and so a very excited Tash rushed the boxes from the post office to the shop mere hours before leaving for London. In such a rush that she didn't even have time to open a box and nab one for herself.

It is worth the patience! There is a comprehensive section on sizing and adjusting patterns to fit you perfectly. One of our favorite things though is the incredible size range covered in each pattern. From the itty bitty teeny tiny girl to the lady with more to love, we're certain you will find a pattern that not only will fit well but be flattering too.

This first shipment of books is available at the excellent price of $40, however once we're out of this batch and a new lot arrives its going to be a wee bit more.

So, head on down to the shop and grab yourself a copy.

Also in the shop this week will be our crazy huge shipment of knit pro and, all going well, more of the beautiful Stansborough Mythral.

Have a great week! Hopefully there will a post or two about knit nation over the next few days - wifi dependent. xx

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