Knit Nation: Michaela Moores

August 03, 2011

A few weeks before heading to the land of tea and scones, Michaela got in touch to organise the crazy knitting rabble that formed the Knit Nation crew. Michaela is one supremely organised lady. We had a colour coded spreadsheet, work times and jobs all assigned to us well in advance. Being a process geek, I had a suspicion she would be my kind of person.

Turns out I was right.

We got on splendidly, and spent lots of time chatting about knitting shiz. (The first thing we talked about was the fact her cat had, just that morning, peed on her knitting bag.) Micheala has a very science based background - which going by the number of knitwear designers with a similar foundation should lead to great things.

Having not done my research (ahem), I was oblivious to the fact Michaela has been referred to by the BBC as a ‘fashion expert’. Going by the fantastic shoes gracing her feet, and the amazing work she has done as part of the MODO Fashion Society, the reference seems entirely justified.

Michaela’s 2011 knitwear collection has me all aflutter. I would rather like to own (or knit) her ‘Falling Down’ dress. This is what modern hand knits should be - delicate, strong (a theme I’m going to keep coming back to) and with real sass.

Take a look at her ‘Koho’ pattern (above) - one that admittedly I would never consider knitting. Then I saw the construction schematic. YES PLEASE. There is nothing that stokes my knitting fire like interesting construction. Not only that, Koho doesn’t say ‘hi, i’m a knitted vest.’ More like ‘Hi, there’s every chance I was purchased from a high end fashion store. I can be worn with sexy as hell skinny jeans and kick ass boots.’

I really can’t wait to see what Michaela comes up with next.

(PS - all images from Michaela's website - click on them for more info x)



Hannah said:

very cool vest indeed!

Dee Dawson

Dee Dawson said:

Amazing, bringing knitting into this century with grace.

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