Charity KAL - Beekeeper's quilt

August 21, 2011

The Hutt Knitter's group was pondering a way to get the chat back in our Ravelry thread recently, and one smart cookie suggested a KAL. Everyone is busy, though - so what to do? And then, on Wednesday night, we struck gold: A Beekeeper's Quilt.

Image from The Beekeeper's Quilt project on Ravelry

It has all the necessary parts: quick, easy, uses small amounts of yarn, and we can collaborate! Our favourite kind of project!

And because we love helping others out, it has quickly morphed into a fundraiser.

The plan:

  • Anyone that would like to be involved knits as few or as many hexipuffs as they like
  • Hexipuffs can be knit at Holland Road with yarn provided
  • Hexipuff(s) delivered to the shop (or posted)
  • Tash/helpers stitch the quilt together hopefully we will get enough hexipuffs to make 2 quilts - one to auction off (maybe on trademe??) with the proceeds going to charity KidsCan
  • the second quilt will be donated to Ronald McDonald House, Wellington to go on display in their new house

We'd love to see just how many hexipuffs we can get - let's go nuts!

Of course, being a KAL, there will be prizes! They are yet to be confirmed, but there will be something from the shop, something from Knitsch Yarns, and something from Tiny Owls Knits. Every single hexipuff you contribute will get you an entry into the prize draw.

You do need to buy the pattern - but each hexipuff only takes about 13m of 4ply yarn. We will have a basket of yarn you are welcome to use if needed, and we will likely host some special hexipuff, cake and tea knitting sessions in the shop.



Genevieve said:

This looks pretty cool, might have to get my mitts on the pattern and join in!


michelle said:

sorry to be a bit slow but what does KAL stand for Tash?
Wonderful project and a great way to use short amounts. Sending out to our Rural Women group, will get back to you if we are ‘houston we have lift off’! We have been knitting hats for Christchurch and some of our members make baby singlets to go out to every baby born in Golden Bay and now through a ChCh hospital.

Lisa Wilde

Lisa Wilde said:

What a fabulous scheme. I’ve been looking to get my knit on and this will be the perfick project. Count me in!


Shari said:

I was with you until you said we have to pay for the pattern. I can see requesting payment for the full quilt pattern, but all I need is the pattern for the hexagon to make some to give away to help a charitable organization. IF the proceeds from the pattern sale were also going to the charitable organization, that, too, would be ok.


Suzie said:

I would love to have a go at something worthwhile and be involved with your group. I have recently come across your web site and only live up the road in Beach St. I grew up living over a wool shop that my mother ran which has influenced my life in a lot of ways particularly all those delicious colours. I have been knitting for 50 years I guess. So next step will be getting hold of the pattern.


Tash said:

It stands for ‘Knit-along’ – basically a bunch of people knit the same thing and share their results – it’s a great way of getting to know people and build more of a community feeling :)


Tash said:

Hi Shari, I did talk to the designer about some sort of discount for people participating, but because it would be hard to keep track she decided it wouldn’t work. If you are local you are more than welcome to come into the shop and use our pattern while in store.

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