Shawls for Spring

October 18, 2011

The arrival of warmer weather has us thinking about light, floaty, pretty things to wrap up in for the sake of wearing hand knits. (or keeping us at just the right level of warm, but we don't usually think in practical terms :))

So another nosey around Rav is in order. The recent appearance of lovely new Nimu lace weight on the shelves, and more hand-dyed sock yarns on the way, our eyes are open to projects that will show them off!

First pattern to catch our eye is Jared Flood's new pattern, Rock Island. Delicate, however knit in a strong colour like the one below - totally kick ass.

Speaking of kick ass, this one isn't light and floaty but DAMN it is awesome. Also: absolutely perfect to knit with Spinning A Yarn's Super Bulky that we have in store!

No surprises that the colour of this one got us excited at first - but what a beautiful stitch pattern! Nothing like sunflowers to get thoughts of summer in our heads....

Oooh here we go, back to the original purpose of the search - fine and delicate patterns with strong colours:

June Marinella - this is perfect for some yarn in Tash's stash

Rough Sea Shawl - ditto. Not too lacy, nicely geometric, strong colour. And it's a free pattern!

Wow, the last thing I needed was to cast on more projects, but it looks like I will be now. If you click on any of the images it will take you through to the pattern on Ravelry. Are there any great shawl patterns you have discovered lately? If so, share with us!

xx Tash



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