Man knits.

October 25, 2011

Five minutes ago a happy lady left the store armed with yarn, needles and a man hat pattern - 'Basic Simple Lazy' by John Brinegar.

Finding good man hat patterns, and good man patterns for that matter, can be a tricky challenge. Men like simple. But going by discussions with customers in the shop, more and more male types are after hand knit items.

Dare I say the C word - Christmas - is looming, which scarily enough means it's time to start thinking about gift knitting. So for our Ravelry Ramble today i'm going on a hunt for quick but ace projects for the he-beast most deserving of your hard work!

John Brinegar's Basic Simple Lazy (he looks like my kind of man. Just sayin')

Basic Simple Lazy hat - knit in DK, uses just a smidge over 50g. For a little bit of luxury (does he deserve it??) go for some Stansborough Mythral or Lana D'Oro wool/alpaca.

If he is happy for a little more texture - I LOVE the Marram Hat by Mimi Hill (also free! Hooray!)

A bit of military history associated with a man project can't possibly go astray. 'Here darling, this scarf is knit to the same pattern as for arse-kicking soldiers'...

Another freebie - Scarf S-107 and gloves pattern from 1941 - would be most excellent knit in one of our Harvest blue DKs

In a previous life I have knit a man a pair of socks. They were Boring (with a capital B). But, the question you have to ask yourself: 'How much do I like this man? Is he worthy of Boring knitting?' If the answer is yes - stroke his ego and go for the Big Boss Man Socks. Because he'll chuck them in the washing machine, go for some Knitsch Sock, and they'll come out nicer, and he'll never want to take them off. Promise.

So, have you started Christmas knitting yet? Have any patterns that are quick and easy and well received? Let us know!

PS - click on the images to go to the Ravelry project page.

xx tash



Katie said:

I’ve made the not-too-slouchy beanie Christopher by Jane Richmond ( ) a few times now – it’s a fun knit and you end up with two hats in one!


Mike said:

As a man who knits, I agree Boring often works. But there’s lots that can be done with lovely tweed or hand-dyed yarns, and I have a weakness for rugged hand-spun local wool as well. Beanies, watch caps, muted striped scarves, hats with just a wee bit of cable, fancy iPhone cosies. Anything with a back story is good: the same knitted hat the Israeli army wear, or anything made with Mythral (“like they used in Lord of the Rings!”). My secret wish is that a better knitter than me would make me a pair of hard-wearing fingerless gloves (half-fingered, not open).

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