That jolly Christmas jumper

December 21, 2011

A couple of weeks ago I was listening to the Electric Sheep podcast, and Katie inspired me to have a nosey around for slightly more tasteful festive patterns than, say, the one below modelled on a rather dapper Colin Firth.

Thanks to the magical www I can even show you how Katie's is coming along:

A subtle yet merry design which is infinitely more wearable (and less embarrassing) than a red nosed reindeer.

Down here in the Southern Hemisphere it tends to be a smidge warm to wear heavy fair isle jerseys for Christmas, but I'm going to share some ideas anyway. Why not?!

Trust Susan Crawford to come up with a novel pattern with style and class.

The Perfect Christmas Jumper (click on the image to go to the pattern)

If you were after something a little less full on, this would work just as well without all the motifs. In fact, all of the patterns in this post would be wonderful without the colour work.

Boreal by Kate Davies isn't quite so obviously Christmassy but has all the other traditional Scandinavian components - tree motifs, snowflakes,  colourwork, and worked from the top down. Her post about achieving the best results in heavier yarn colour work is worth a read as well.


Boreal by Kate Davies (click on the image to go to the pattern)

And because it so SO CUTE, here is one for the kidlets:

Reindeer pullover by Jill Wick (click on the image to go to the pattern)

How is your Christmas knitting going, now that we are only a few days away? Do you have any remote inclination to knit a festive jersey? I'm still not sure...

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