Who let me loose on Ravelry?

January 11, 2012


It all started last night, when I finished this pair of socks:

(YES. A PAIR! Who would have thought.)

mental lady

There is a ball of Malabrigo Persia that has been burning a hole in my stash for, oh, FOREVER. Immediately after finishing the crazy stripy socks (started at least 6 months ago), I want to knit it into a pair of beautiful, lacy socks. So I pull out a couple of the sock books I have at home, and have a leisurely browse. Not finding quite the right pattern, I open up Ravelry.


So many beautiful things to knit, not enough time. This year is all about making my life easier, more organised, less stressful. Deciding at a whim to start a new project - well, having lots of WIPs all over the shop isn't exactly a life of simplicity and harmony. The fewer decisions I have to make about what to knit, the better.

Which leads me to the point. The magical, splendid idea that is the Ravelry queue.

Here is my queue. Look at it, please. Because I am going to knit each and every item on the queue as it stands this year. With you as witness.

The rules:

1. I can have one garment and one accessory on the needles at a time.

2. There can be no more than 2 WIPs (work in progress) at any one time

3. The 2012 dress project is the exception - it will be going all year so doesn't count.

Totally manageable, right?


First project is Manu. The yarn is Cascade 220 sport, which has been sitting in the stash for freaking ages a long time.

Manu by Kate Davies (click on the image to go to the pattern)

This shall be cast on today (hooray!). There's a sock design that must be finished before Interlocking Leaves is cast on, but it shouldn't take long to finish.

I'm excited! Would you like to join me in the Queue Project? There's a thread on Ravelry to keep me honest. I may need cheerleaders.



Kathsprout said:

Ha! No one can beat my jersey which has been in progress since 1996. I am allowed to have one knitting WIP and one crochet WIP at once plus that jersey plus the other project that doesn’t count…


Notenoughhours said:

Woah, that is impressive! Good luck and I can’t wait to see what your Stripe Study Shawl looks like.


kreachr said:

Dammit woman, I need to keep away from your faves and queue!!! I keep adding things to mine every time I see them. You are dangerous! But aside from that, best of luck for your challenge. I’ll be keeping my eye on you ;-)


Kathsprout said:

But I do forget my Ravelry password every time I try to log on, so at least that keeps me safe from some projects :-)

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