The bicycle project.

February 28, 2012

Strange connections are made in this brain of mine. Going into this year I wanted to make our window displays something a little more special. Jackson St is a very busy place, and at night people will often peek in the windows and browse before coming back to explore inside. So I feel the need to get a little more...out there.

I started to think about the window - what it looked like, how I could use the space. My brain focussed on the word 'Holland'. I LOVED Amsterdam. Avoiding the usual tourist activities, my time there was spent wandering along canals, feeling very jealous of the locals' lifestyle. The bikes were so intrinsic to the city - the sound of bicycle bells never stops, even at night. So it began:  Holland + bicycles:



an old bike that has been floating around my parents' house for over 12 years...

This vintage Schwinn Le Tour edition is goodness knows how old. But it scrubbed up pretty nicely. A few weeks and lots of stitches later....

town bike

We have a knitted bicycle. It's hanging out in our shop window, and some of the conversations we overhear about it are pretty funny. The bicycle will be a feature for the next month - press your nose against the window, take a photo, and come squish our yarn.

P.S. The bicycle features: Prism DK, Vintage DK, Cascade 220, and some hand dyed something or other.

P.P.S. Yes, it is in working condition. If you see Tash riding it down the street, wave and say hi!



Lisa said:

I think it needs a front basket with a brown paper package full of yarn

A Little Ink

A Little Ink said:

That’s A Little Spectacular! So beautiful! x


Tash said:

Wouldn’t that be great Lisa! It does need a little something else…


Kirsty said:

Wow that is fantastic! I want one! There was a bike at the Sallies the other day, should have got it and started a project!

“A refreshing read” !!! « Spinning in the Wind

“A refreshing read” !!! « Spinning in the Wind said:

[…] Holland Road Yarn Company – This terrible, enabling, person dyes the most beautiful yarns, and hosts a knit night every Thursday, and I very rarely leave without buying something.  Tash is on a mission to ensure that a a lot of the yarns that are heavily featured on Ravelry, such as Cascade and Malabrigo can be made available to people in New Zealand.  And she knitted a bike! […]

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