The Viking Hat

May 20, 2013

 Adding to the list of ridiculous things I have knit....the Viking hat!

I actually made this late last year, and keep meaning to sew on the horns. For some reason the horns represent a massive mental barrier for me and I just can't bring myself to do it. They are knit up, but i'm not all that happy with them. With or without horns, it's pretty fun.

When you work with yarn for a living, it can be hard to remember to have fun with it. All knitting projects don't have to take themselves seriously, they don't need to functional or practical. It's certainly something that I need to remember more often. As the kind of person who doesn't understand why you would plant something you can't eat, i'm often guilty of only knitting things that will keep me warm. Enjoy what you are making! Have a bit of fun, laugh about how you made something ridiculous, and best of all, use up some of the random bits in your stash. 

The pattern is The Viking Helmet by Holly Priestly. I used a bunch of random odds and ends - and Cascade 220 for the beard. 

Amendment: no knit row between decrease rows on the main hat - it was just a bit too pointy at the top with the knit rows in between.


Ms T

Ms T said:

So I shared this with the rest of my (little) office and the general consensus was that enough though the helmet was cool by itself, it was the facial “hair” that really made it. :) And yeah – sometimes you just have knit stuff that’s fun!

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