Incredible colourwork socks.

September 28, 2012

 There are some seriously amazing colourwork sock patterns around at the moment. 

I really, really don't need to add new projects to my 'desperate to knit' list, but all of these have me hunting around in my stash and dreaming up colour combinations...

Hot Crossbone Socks by Camille Chang

Fireweeds by Rose Hiver

Garden Gate Socks by Emily Johnson (i've wanted to knit these since forever)

Butterflies are Free by Rose Hiver

Zirkel. by Stephanie van der Linden

I  really am never going to run out of things I want to knit. It's a little bit crazy! I know lots of people find stranded knitting a little bit scary - but it's worth a go. As long as you start with something that has no more than 2 - 3 stitches of a colour before changing to the next colour, you'll be fine. It's all about practice, after all.



Hannah said:

I was taken with the Budapest Market socks in the last Twist Collective

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