Adventures with Spud & Chloe

October 11, 2012

When Spud & Chloe Fine arrived in the shop, I was more than a little taken by one of their colours: Glow Worm. You could go so far as to say I was quite enamoured with it. The only thing I didn't like was that, sadly, it doesn't glow in the dark. BUT IT LOOKS LIKE IT SHOULD.

Spud and Chloe Fine in Glow Worm

Spud & Chloe Fine in Glow Worm

And you know what else I can't help myself with? Stripes. Why oh why do I do this to myself? Every time!

Spud & Chloe Fine in WildberriesSpud & Chloe Fine in LisptickSpud and Chloe Fine in Glow WormSpud and Chloe Fine in Sidewalk

Spud & Chloe Fine in Wildberries, Lipstick, Glow Worm and Sidewalk

A conversation followed about how great these four colours looked together. And then I stumbled across the Nova Dress pattern. Fate? I'd like to think so.

It was a great, quick and straight forward knit - I made the size 4, and cut the yarn at each stripe change rather than carry four colours up the side (I felt that would be messy, and don't mind the weaving in). 

Hooray! Finished!

The problem when the dress was all done though - the leftovers! Oh noes! They sat forlornly on the stash shelf for weeks. Solution: kid sized version of the Leftovers Cowl.

Instead of doing 70 stitches as with the adult version, provisionally cast on 50sts on 3.25mm needles, and follow the instructions for the bigger size. Easy peasy!

If you're one of the many many people now addicted to Pinterest - I've pinned a whole bunch of awesome Nova dress projects found on Ravelry. Great way to pick up ideas on colour combos and peek at cute kids!

PS - we're out of stock of lots of Spud & Chloe Fine colours at the moment, but a bumper order will be with us in about 2 weeks. Yay! Let us know ( if you'd like us to pop any aside for you when it arrives.

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