In love with a loom

December 10, 2012

 Anyone following me on Twitter a couple of weekends ago will already know that I've fallen head over heels in love. With a weaving loom. As I warped up the new Ashford Sample It Loom, my Tweets all read much like this:

I'd put off warping this baby up for too long. I was nervous, worried about my first ever foray into adding the warp threads - something i'd not done before. 

'This will be tricky!' I mused, and procrastinated. The assembly wasn't so hard, helped along with a handy philips screwdriver. 

'But surely, the warping will be a challenge! I shall put it off, and do it someday that i'm not terribly busy with other (less important) tasks.'

I'm not sure why that morning struck as the perfect time to give it a go, but try I did. 

True and honest surprise, half an hour later, when the job was mostly done. All that was required to finish up was a hand from my flat mate to tie everything off. 

Not only was it much, much easier than anticipated, it proved worthy of a photo shoot:


Now we have a fully assembled and warped loom in the shop for you to play with - and it's already attracting a lot of attention. Ours has Knitsch Sock in Kelly and Georgina & the Jellyfish on the go. The instruction booklet has a very guide to assembling, warping and weaving, with loads of photos. We're also happy to lend a hand with warping up if it's needed. 

If you happen to order online (or even in store), we'll ship within NZ for free! Hooray! 


Ms T

Ms T said:

Oh dear.

I think I may just have found another craft to take up.

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