The Queue Project: 2013

January 06, 2013

 Way back a year ago, I started the Queue Project. The idea was to limit my knitting attention to things I really, really wanted to knit. I have this tendency to flail around after finishing big garments and get distracted with silly little play around things of no consequence. Which is fine, except it leaves me feeling as if i've achieved a sum total of nothing.

Of the two updates I did last year, one covered some actual finished objects and the other wandered down a dangerous path of getting distracted.  Really, I should have two queues: Shop knitting (as in, samples for the shop) and Me knitting (as in, stuff I really desperately want for my own out of yarn we don't stock).

Looking back, I didn't do too badly:



The last project on that top row of pics, Marlene, was frogged as it was too small! Boo! But I put it there anyway. 6 of 12 projects from the queue done in amongst all the distractions and shop knitting and designing...and now i'm determined to knock some more off so fresh patterns can be added. 

This month must see Jared Flood's Hemlock Ring blanket started and finished, as it was promised to friends as a one year wedding anniversary gift. However, there is the small problem in that I don' t have the yarn for it yet. Oops. 

Seeing as I've got yarn for the Hooray Cardigan, i'm going to wind that up and get started. 

So, after that random slightly stream-of-consciousness New Year post, what are your knitting goals for the year? Do you plan ahead and try to be organised so that you achieve lots of productive knitting?



Bridget said:

I’m going to try and get through my queue as there isn’t too much there, only 7 items and some of them are small, baby hats and fingerless mitts for me. I don’t like to plan ahead too much cos I’m still learning, I’d like to learn how to do cables this year, so I need to leave room for new projects that I’ll be able to try

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