Shiny shop

February 01, 2013

The shop is packed with wonderful stock right now, and a few new features to make your shopping expedition that little bit lovelier!

There's a brand new bright pink chalk board door - we'll use it to tell you about exciting new products, upcoming classes, and maybe share some pretty pictures.


Mmmm all our Zealana is looking gosh darn fantastic. 

And a new window display is up - which as usual is impossible to get a decent photo of, so you'll have to use your imagination and go by the planning drawing:

You get the idea? Right? Yes?

Anyway. We're super looking forward to Saturday Sit & Knit this weekend - flourless chocolate cake is on the menu. Oh, and we had better mention the return of Thursday Knit Night - it'll be fortnightly this year, with the first session next week. 

Thursday Knit Night

7pm - 9pm
Every second week from 7 February

Hooray! Have a wonderful weekend the sun <3



Amber said:

LOVE the bright pink chalkboard <3

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