New Arrivals: Tekapo 12ply

April 12, 2013

When Libby from Ashford visited me last year, I was treated to an early squish of the brand new version of Tekapo. Safe to say in a previous life I really wasn't a fan of this yarn - I found it coarse and scratchy and the colours mighty average. 

That we now have it on the shelves is testament to what a different yarn this now is. Lofty, bouncy, squishy and inifinitely softer than it once was. We ordered in 11 colours to start with in 12ply, but will be adding to this selection very quickly. The great thing is with Ashford being based in New Zealand, we can order this in anytime we please! If you need more, or fancy a different colour, it's no problem at all for us to order it in for you. It's also a fantastic alternative to the only other 12ply we usually stock, Cascade Eco (which will be returning to our shelves soon).




Ashford Tekapo 12ply comes in generous 100g balls, with 134m each. It is hand wash and comes in a glorious range of 29 colours.

It's pretty gosh darn perfect for a few of our favourite bulky yarn patterns:

Owls by Kate Davies

Aidez by Cirilia Rose


Hemlock Ring Blanket by Jared Flood

The hemlock ring blanket is the most likely project i'll first knit with Tekapo, as it's been lingering in my queue for ages. Already it's gone off to new homes intended for man hats and slippers - and keep people cosy and warm this winter. We've got it up for sale online if you can't make it into the shop for an in-person snuggle. We promise you won't regret it!



Lauren said:

After knitting a hat in the 12ply, I’ve fallen in love with it. It’s SO soft and squishy and amazing. Any chance you’ll get in the 8ply?

Now it’s getting colder I think I might need a nice warm cardy!


Tash said:

Hey Lauren! I’ve sent you an email – we have just now received our order of 8ply, hooray!

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