Light and breezy Summer cardigans

November 10, 2015

As I made breakfast this morning, and looked out the window at the sun-filled valley I live next to, my mind was preoccupied with what cardigan to wear today. While my wardrobe is filled with cosy, winter-weight cardigans, it's a bit lacking in something light enough for warmer days. 

So, here's some ideas for lighter weight cardigans, something to pull on in the morning before walking out the door to work.

Make a Wish by Joji Locatelli (perhaps in Malabrigo Sock)


 Lifesavers by Tanis Lavallee (perfect for using up sock yarn scraps!)


Lineal Cardigan by Hannah Fettig (for the lovely linen yarn, Sparrow)



Laika by Ysolda


Louise Light by Carrie Bostick Hodge in Quince & Co Finch 


Would it be wrong to cast on five new cardigans in one day? .... 

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