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April 21, 2013

There are a couple of super important dates you should put in your diary if you are in Wellington over the next two weeks. I've been frantically preparing for our biggest market yet: The trade section at the annual Creative Fibre Festival. 

The Festival is annual, but it is in a different New Zealand city each year. This is our first ever showing - with it being local, it makes it much easier for us to manage. 

Creative Fibre is New Zealand's national Spinning, Weaving and Woolcraft society. It has groups all around the county which meet regularly and work to encourage fibre crafts. They run classes, hold spin ins, and organise large events such as this. 

It is paid entry to the trade arena, however this also allows you access to exhibitions, demonstrations and whole range of other things. It's $12 on the door - or if you're super keen, there is a large range of super interesting classes being run. 

We'll be there 25 - 28 April sharing the love of great yarn - but don't fret if you want to visit the shop - we'll still be open!

The second event on our calendar is one we don't ever miss - Wonders of Wool! The wonderfully woolly themed annual market at the Wellington Underground Market at Frank Kitts.  

If you can't make it out to the Creative Fibre Festival, be sure to head on along to the Wonders of Wool market. It's on Saturday 4 May from 10am - 4pm and is always loads of fun.

For now, as I work my little tail off getting ready for both, I have this on repeat in my head. Preparing for markets as big as these two is more than a little stressful. Please don't be alarmed by my Zombie-like state if you are in the shop this week - these are the reasons!

See you in store or at a market soon! And the shop is open even if we are also selling elsewhere, don't worry :) Except ANZAC day, we'll be closed on ANZAC day. I think that's all for now...


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