New Arrivals: Cascade!

May 11, 2013

Hip hip hooray it is finally here! After much putting-offness, we were at last able to do a giant Cascade order to replenish our non-existent stock. 

And thanks to a really great exchange rate, we've been able to drop the price of both Cascade 220 and Eco. Hooray! Most of the 220 is up online, and we've just put the Eco up there too (don't mind the dodgy images, once the light is better we'll take photos and put nice ones up). As always, the colours are simply glowing on the shelf, filling the shop with even more yarn joy. 


It's hard to describe the feeling of opening a great big box of yarn. Every time we receive an order there's this heart-bursting moment of cutting through the tape and seeing what's inside. So many colours all sitting together, just desperate to see the light of day and be made into something amazing. I will the skeins to plump up and spread out after being squished closely with their neighbours. Unexpected shades sit next to each other and suggest surprising combinations and bring daydreams of stripes. All the while, I sternly tell myself not to hide any for my own use. Tempting as it is, all this glorious yarn is for you. 

xx Tash

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