Spinning Sunday: technical sessions

June 11, 2013

Don't let the word 'technical' scare you off!

Are you new or semi-new to spinning? Do you have a mental list of things you would like to learn in order to improve your technique? Yes? Me too! I can do the absolute basics but I have lots of questions and would love some guidance.

Which is why Sue is coming along to teach us spinning tips and tricks! You can book right here

Spinning! It's a whole load of fun.

Spinning Sunday is a great way to meet other spinners in a super relaxed environment. From experience I know that as a new-ish spinner, spinning in public can be a bit scary. We're going to make this as welcoming as we possibly can! Come along, learn some things, and have that magic lightbulb moment of 'oh! that's how it works!' 

Come on - get excited about spinning with us!

Each session is only $10. Why only $10? Because we really want to make this accesible to everyone. $10 is a commitment to come, and you'll absolutely walk away with more than $10 worth of new knowledge. 


all Sundays, 1pm - 3pm

16 June
14 July
11 August
15 September

What to bring:

- BYO wheel (if you talk to us first we can arrange a wheel for you to borrow for the session)
- An extra bobbin

And it's super easy to book in online

Session one, 16 June

Spinning for plying. 

How thick do I need to make my singles, how much twist should I put in to get the type of yarn that I want. 

How to spin a reference yarn with the plying information you need in it that you can use to check as you go.  (So you don’t get a surprise when merino goes pouf!).

Sessions 2 - 4:
We'll talk about what you would like to learn in the first session, and add a session plan here after 16 June.

P.S - coming along to all four sessions will earn you a super special Holland Road Yarn Co brownie badge. 

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