First dibs! Yarn Club

June 14, 2013

It's back! There's a new colour list the length of my arm that I want to get stuck into...and this is your chance to get your hands on them three weeks before anyone else. This yarn club is a little different to most in that we send out all the yarn in one go, and you get to choose your colours. Brand new, shiny exciting colours that you get to play with first. 

Yarn Club on sale 10am Friday 21 June

The details:

Strictly limited to 20 places

Purchasing a place will cost NZ $54 plus shipping ($4 NZ, $7 Australia, $10 ROW)

What you get:

4 x Knitsch Sock 100% merino 4ply

One week prior to shipping, you will receive an email containing images of brand new Knitsch Sock colourways. From these, you can select as many or as few skeins of each colour as you wish. 

If your yarn selection total is more than 4 x 50g skeins, we will email your final cost for payment prior to dispatch.

Yarn will be shipped all in one parcel on 18 July, 2013


As usual, your parcel will contain sweet treats!

Lucky place-getters will not only see the brand colours before anyone else, you will touch them too! 

Simple, simple, easy peasy! 

Yarn Club on sale 10am Friday 21 June

We'd love to have you join us! The new colours are pretty gosh-darn exciting!



Alice said:

Ooooh, yay! So totally in on this one, loved the first… I’ll get around to knitting them one day…. lol!

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