Vintage love: Lisa

August 08, 2013

All too often on the blog i'm exclaiming about the yarns we stock from all around the world. One local yarn may be a humble price in comparison to the others, but we are having a love affair with it. Who better to talk about this adoration than you, our lovely customers? 

Vintage DK is entirely processed right here in NZ, and we're lucky to be one of very few stores to have it on the shelves. This yarn is so popular in-store that we don't sell it online, however we are most happy to take email orders.

In the second of a series this week, here's Lisa very appropriately referencing vintage culture alongside Vintage DK.


TV ads, magazine spreads, Miuccia Prada ... These days everything and everyone is referencing vintage.

It's shorthand for cute, quirky, and cool. And now Skeinz has made it even more so, with its oh so covetable Vintage Premium NZ DK.

Instagram has taught us to delight in the art of the lo-fi  transformation. We take photos on our phones of our 21st century lives,  saturate them with a mid-century vibe, and revisit our childhoods.  It's a little like time travel.


Maybe that's why I'm so besotted with Vintage yarn.

It's partly the weight. The stitch definition is outstanding, and it's so springy to knit with.

But mainly it's the colours. They are DELICIOUS. Like Hipstamatic gelato. Only you don't need a filter.

Picture, if you will, sugared almonds, Nigella's sweaters, the original Tupperware your nana packed for picnics, and the faded covers of 1950's schoolgirl annuals.


I so badly wanted to be one of those girls in their red blazers. Sassy, intelligent, most probably uncovering a secret spy ring.

Now I can be, in my jaunty carmine beret.


Now, what to make with it next...?

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