Sometimes it takes a challenge: again.

September 05, 2013

Is it just me, or does everyone else tend to get to the tricky parts of a project and...stop. Come to a screeching halt, a look over the pattern instructions and think 'oh that looks like far too much like it's asking me to use my brain.'

Amidst the busy life of owning a yarn shop / dyeing yarn / simply existing these days, knitting is a real solace for winding down and (trying to) relax. Plain old stocking stitch is my best friend, I can just knit and knit and knit and end up with something lovely. And smooshy. 

This week saw me with three projects on the needles, and all of them at the very-close-to-being-finished stage. Of course I chose to finish off Vasa: an entirely stocking stitch project that is the focus of our September Knit-Along (if you fancy joining us, there's more information in our Ravelry group).

So I sat with Stasis on my knee, debating with myself as to if I could cope with starting the last section of colourwork:

By way of procrastination, I asked Facebook what to do: suck it up and keep going, or put it down and switch for something easier? 

Of course, being amazing supporters, the response was 'keep going! You can do it!' So I looked back at the pattern, took a deep breath and dove back in. 

Of course, as i've mentioned before, a little challenge is rewarding. Which is another way of saying that it was enjoyable, even though the thought of actually knitting this section filled me with dread. 

Cue random meandering thought paths about how the entire scenario could be a lesson for life. Because knitting is perfect for providing those. All the easy work had been done, most of the jersey was finished. All that remained was a last big effort, a section of knitting involving a technique i'm not 100% confident in my ability to do. With a little encouragement I attacked it anyway, big scary colourwork section and all. 

Done. There are things in our lives that look too difficult, seem like too much hard work, too much effort, ask us to focus and step up to complete a challenge. Without support and some well-placed cheerleaders, it can all seem a bit impossible. Putting down your project and turning to another, easier one, is the simple solution. Good friends will say 'of course you can do it!' So you do. And you succeed, or you fail and learn and move on. 

After all this thinking, I then put my knitting down again as I came to short rows and was all ARGH SHORT ROWS! I HATE SHORT ROWS! Followed by realising how ridiculous this was as an excuse not to keep going, and seeing how close I was to the end, I looked up a short row tutorial and got stuck back in. It isn't done yet, but it will be. And now (hopefully) wearing Stasis will remind me that life might be hard and tricky to navigate, but I can do it. Dealing with the hard stuff is better than turning away and feeling guilty for ignoring it. 

Anyway, I have to get this done because next week a crazy huge amount of Malabrigo is arriving, and i'd like to play with it. So much Malabrigo, in fact, we've bought new shelving just to be able to fit it all in the shop. Hooray!



Bekswhoknits said:

Yup! I have a sleeve which I know I can knit, it just involves following instructions. But I’m still wondering if a one half sleeved jumper could be fashionable.


clare said:

Yay for supporters and finished things. I encountered a wonderful supporter at your shop last Friday who encouraged me to try magic loop for a sleeve – I did, and its worked a treat. Yay for overcoming challenges!

Lynda @HomeleaLass

Lynda @HomeleaLass said:

I know the feeling of wanting to stop because it “too hard”. Congratulations for pushing through and getting to the end. :)


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