Blocking all the knitted things.

September 26, 2013

Spring feels much closer after the crazy weather we've had in the past week. A thunder and lightning storm so crazy we lost power, and then a second storm yesterday (although that one restrained itself to just wind and rain).

Our very ambient lighting thanks to stormy weather...complete with Evie Kemp zombie cat.

Today has turned out to be a beautiful Spring day. Perfect for soaking a bunch of items desperate to be blocked.

Aside from this lot, there's another two cardigans, two baby blankets and another shawl to go through the same process. I seem to be a real tutorial buzz at the moment (not that you can tell, as I haven't published any yet), so i'll do my best to whip up a couple quick 'how to block your stuff' posts. 

Blocking isn't hard, although it can be a bit annoying. And there's something to do with having to wash woollens separately to everything else that sees my hand knits languish in the laundry basket for months. Doing a whole lot in one go makes the process a bit more enjoyable and whole lot more rewarding...and then I go back to feeling guilty about it in another six months' time when the laundry basket is full of knitted things again.

Do you have any handy blocking tips that I might throw into a tutorial? I'd love to hear them! 


Lynda @homelealass

Lynda @homelealass said:

I’m glad I’m not the only one that develops a pile of woollens to be washed. :)

My blocking tip is to invest in blocking wires and t-pins. They make blocking heaps easier than persevering with dressmakers pins.

And always block, it makes the item that you’ve put so much time into creating look fantastic.


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