Honeycomb crochet blanket - we're inspired!

March 29, 2018

Over the last few weeks we've watched Deb of Outlaw Yarn crochet a truly lust-worthy blanket. If you're feeling a bit daunted by our Choose Your Own Adventure Crochet Blanket CAL, you may find this style of afghan more comforting. 

Deb's Outlaw Bohemia Muse crochet blanket

A blanket like this is great chance to practice your crochet skills and gain a bit more confidence. Perhaps even enough to guide you to the next step and join our Crochet Motifs class (just a thought!)

Deb's Bohemia Muse Crochet Blanket

Deb used 2 balls of Bohemia Muse in Orpheus, and one each of Angelic, Windswept, Waterhouse, Ophelia, Argos, Destiny and Nymph. The edging used one ball of Bohemia Worsted in Fog. 

While Deb's pattern came from a book, we think you'd get pretty close using this Granny Stitch Hexagon pattern (free). Or you could have a go with the slightly different but still free Hello Hexagon! pattern tutorial by Pip Lincoln. 

Deb's finished crochet hexagon blanket

We recommend using a 5mm - 5.5mm hook with Bohemia Muse and Worsted, or even go up to a 6mm if you tend to work a bit tighter. 

Thanks to Deb for the stunning photos and immense inspiration!


Bron Heslop

Bron Heslop said:

This is gorgeous! Well done Deb! Xx

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