On the move! Again! But not far at all!

July 27, 2016

From Monday 8 August: Basement, Grand Arcade, 16 Willis Street

Yes, we're at it again. Moving. It is a tale of woe, but with a good ending. Which is the best kind of ending, really. And it only works out better for us and you, our wonderful customers.

If you've been into the shop in the last 4 weeks, you'll have noticed we have a new wall. The wall was a very long time coming, but then happened in a great big hurry (the timing was terrible, it was stressful, it's done now). It meant losing our classroom space, and most of our regular hang-out-and-knit space. 

I'd been keeping an eye out for a solution to that problem for a while, but hadn't been in any rush as progress was so slow getting the wall sorted. So when the gym moved in upstairs, with their weights room inconveniently and distressingly located right above our heads, we were lucky enough to have an alternative space lined up. 

The gym issue has been huge for us - the constant banging, shaking and noise has been awful for everyone - us and you. There is simply no way we can stay where we are now. 


So! The solution!

We are moving!

But not very far!

From Monday 8 August we will be in the basement of the very same building we're in now. 

Instead of going up the escalator the first floor, you will instead go down the escalator (the one right next to Fix, on the street). Or, if you accidentally go to the first floor, you'll simply need to turn around, jump in the lift and go to the basement. 

Where we will have: 

Loads of wall space, much better for displaying lots of yarn!

A dedicated classroom once again!

A wonderful couch area and toys for entertaining the kids with!

A brand new staff member looking after you on Tuesdays and Thursdays!


Needless to say, having to organise and carry out a shop move while 8 months pregnant was not part of my 2016 plan. I'm incredibly lucky to have a band of merry friends who will help paint and tidy and put up pegboard and shift the entire shop. Bear with us while we try to make things happen as smoothly as possible. The shop will operate as per usual and we'll do our best to make sure there is virtually no disruption to your shopping experience.


xx Tash


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