Sockalong 2018 - Knit all the socks!

August 03, 2018

Inspired by Kate's CAL, we've started a 6-month sock knitalong over in the Ravelry group.  We're keeping it casual - it's just an opportunity to knit some socks, and show them off to those who appreciate them! You don't have to knit a pair every month or even a pair IN a month.  If you've got questions about techniques, yarns, or patterns, the Rav thread will be a great place to ask.

Each month I'll post several sock patterns, based on a loose theme (such as 'cables'), to choose from.  There will be standard patterns, that should be good for newbies, or if you wanting something that just rocks along easily, and also some more adventure patterns, for a bit of challenge perhaps.  I'll also suggest which yarns at the shop will work best for each pattern.  But it's up to you - you're very welcome to find your own patterns, and dig into your sock yarn stash. 

July's themes are 'getting started' (beginner patterns for anyone who hasn't knit socks before), and 'texture'. You'll find more information about the patterns, and yarns, on the Sockalong thread on Ravelry

Getting Started: 

these are all free patterns

Silver's Sock Class



Basic Socks


So Vanilla Socks


Vanilla Sock with Gusset & Choice of Heel


Textured Socks - standard

Paid pattern:

Dropping Madness



Free Patterns:

Hermione's Everyday Socks


Fidget Socks


Textured Twists


Textured Socks - Adventurous

Paid pattern:

How to Tame your Dragon


Free patterns:

Aquaphobia Socks




Snakewinder Socks


Cat Man Do



Twisted Madness




Hope you join us! - Rachael


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