Margaret Stove & Artisan Lace

Margaret was commissioned to design, spin and knit a shawl for the event of Prince William's birth in 1982. A special request from the High Country Breeders of Merino sheep, the shawl took nearly 400 hours of work and was a purely original design, inspired by traditional Maori design and native New Zealand flora.


Image courtesy of the Christchurch Star

There is an excellent article, written by Margaret, in the Summer 2013 issue of Spin Off magazine. It details the fascinating process of creating the shawl. 


The official gift given by the New Zealand government to the new parents today was hand spun and knit by Cynthia Read of Cambridge. The design is Filmy Fern from Margaret's most recent book, Wrapped in Lace (Interweave Press 2010). It is an incredible shawl with amazing drape and from tomorrow we now have the book sample in the shop for anyone who would like to see it in person. It is knit using Artisan Lace Gossamer, which produces wedding ring shawls - that is, a shawl that will fit through a wedding ring.


Image courtesy of Interweave


Baby Cambridge was not wrapped in the Filmy Fern shawl on his first public appearance. The shawl seen in photos has a manufacturer's label and is a commercially made product. Hopefully we will see an occasion where the Royal baby is wrapped in this precious shawl, however as with all gifts made to the Royal family there are no guarantees it will ever be used.


Margaret has established herself as an international expert on hand spinning and lace knitting with superfine yarns. She has written three books on the subject, travelled internationally as a teacher and regularly writes patterns and articles for Interweave publications and Vogue Knitting. We are so proud to be able to share Margaret's work with the world. 

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