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Bonnie Isle Hat - Tash's Version


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A selection of Jamieson & Smith 2ply Jumper weight so you can recreate your own version of the Bonnie Isle hat, by Linda Shearer, in the same colours as Tash used!

You can find the free hat pattern on the Shetland Wool Week website.

I based my hat on Colourway 2, with the shades allocated to the corresponding pattern colours below. 

Kit includes:
1 x FC47 (denim blue) / YARN A

1 x 23 (bright yellow) / YARN B

1 x 203 (Light grey) / YARN C

1 x FC43 (yellow fawn) / YARN D

1 x 9097 (orangey red) / YARN E

Note: in the image of Tash's hat, I used marigold for the top ring rows of the anchor. I haven't included this shade in the kit.

Keep in mind you can shift around what colour you use where in the pattern, that's the fun of these hats!