Sale! And a birthday celebration

November 28, 2013

Sale stuff! Hooray! I fancy a bit of a clear out and so you get some pretty super deals if I do say so myself. 

There's 20% off all Addi needles, Zealana Willow, Cascade Sport (non superwash), Twilley's Echo Cotton (in-store only) and a bunch of other stuff. Oh, and Blonde Chicken Yarn is down from $24 a skein to $14.40. 



All are absolutely beautiful products, but we need to make space for summer stock and some new treats that the second store will allow us to introduce to our ranges.


In other news, it's my birthday this weekend! Eeep! And yeah, it's a milestone. Numbers don't bother me, but I find it interesting to reflect on my twenties. Who would have guessed that taking up knitting as a rebellion against crocheting colleagues when I was 23 could lead to opening a yarn store? Not me!

Anyway, to celebrate, tonight is the last Knit Night of the year, so there is a fancy-pants raspberry chocolate cake, Six Barrel Soda Co sodas, and bubbles. Plus a whole lot of knitting and giving thanks for surviving another year. Couldn't come at a better time, really, considering it is, actually, thanksgiving in the States today. 

Happy thanksgiving! Hopefully see you at the shop tonight from 7 - 9pm!

xx Tash


Lynda @HomeleaLass

Lynda @HomeleaLass said:

Happy birthday!


Lisa said:

I’ll be there with my nose pressed up against the window waiting for the Knit Night doors to open :-)


Eleanor said:

Happy birthday Tash! Enjoy your cake & bubbles tonight, you deserve it :-)

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