Handmade 2014: Our class picks

May 09, 2014

What, you haven't booked your Handmade classes yet? Better get your skates on! I hear the booking process is a little painful (I swear at Ticketek too) but the pain will lead to glorious joy. 


Here's my picks for this year's Handmade:


Everything in the Manmade stream


I applaud the organisers for adding this stream of classes to the line-up. One of the trickiest things about this industry is figuring out how to get more men along, as the craft stereotype is that handmade is for women. Absolutely not the case, as you know. Bring along your special man friend, or just your regular man friend, and hit up these classes. They all look fantastic - and aren't only for men. I'd love to build my own bike wheel, and a pallet garden has been on my radar for quite some time.

Pro tip: quite often businesses in the industrial streets of Petone will put out their unwanted pallets with a 'free' sign attached. 


Knit your own socks, two ways

2014 sees two different sock classes at Handmade. Belinda Too returns with her excellent class on how to knit socks. Perfect for anyone who has ever wanted to try their hand at socks, this class teaches the Magic Loop technique, and works through the construction of a top-down sock. It really isn't so tricky if you have an experienced teacher such as Belinda to guide you through the process. 

The second class is with yarn maven Morag Mackenzie, and covers sock knitting in the other direction: toe up. If you're really obsessed with the idea of knitting socks, i'd book in for both classes. Honestly, socks are the greatest item to knit by hand. You can carry your project everywhere with you because it's so small, and wearing them when they're finished is a massive treat. 

Need some inspiration? Morag designs some really amazing sock patterns


Everything in the Stitch stream


About this point of looking through the programme I wonder if I can leave my amazing staff in charge of the Knit Lounge for the weekend. I'd love to make Kitty the Wheat Bag friend (pictured) with Flora Waycott, or a framed coin purse with Angela Young. My poor sewing machine lives under my desk because there's so much paperwork on top of it that there's no room. These classes would certainly rev up the inspiration enough to make me file all the paperwork and return the sewing machine to it's rightful place. 


Most of the weekend, really, you will find me in the Knit Lounge. I've got some plans up my sleeve for a Ravelry Meet Up and a Spin In, plus some other treats. I honestly can't wait. Have you booked your classes already? Want to see who else you might know is in the same one? We've set up a thread in Ravelry for such chatter. Drop on by and say hello!

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